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It may be twenty years or just one since you last set foot at your Alma Mater, but here’s where you can stay connected with your Lancer roots! Whether you call it LuHigh or OLu, we are all devoted to the love of Christ, supreme in all our lives; as armored soldiers of the cross…we’re here to claim the prize!

Chelsea Bowers ’11


Chelsea Bowers ‘11 has made a name for herself through her community work for CityNet, which works to end street-level homelessness. It was not a direct path to her role in public affairs, telling the stories of the homeless men and women that CityNet serves. Her journey with serving the community began during her Junior year at Orange Lutheran when she went on her first mission trip to China with the Missions Program in 2009. 

“Being involved with the Missions program was the first time I truly felt comfortable in my own skin,”

Her experience of serving communities both on a local and international level enabled her to see how a variety of communities still thrive despite very challenging living conditions. It was clear that her involvement in the Missions program left a lasting imprint on her heart, but it wasn’t until after college that she would return back to that space. 

After traveling the world as an undergrad exploring exactly what career she wanted to pursue, social services crept back into her life as a graduate student intern at Thomas House Family Shelter in Garden Grove. She realized that working with the community brought her joy. She pivoted her studies in Communications, ultimately receiving a Masters of Social Work from USC. It was during this time that she was introduced to CityNet.

CityNet fosters a creative space that looks at tough problems surrounding homelessness and localizes them in order to find solutions. Every homeless situation is different, so each solution is unique. “It’s really the boots on the ground doing the good work. I’m just telling their stories” says Bowers. As the Director of Public Affairs for the organization, Chelsea works to connect the community at large with the work that the organization is doing surrounding homelessness in order to meet the needs of the people that they serve and work with.

“One doesn’t become homeless overnight, so it can’t be resolved overnight,” she says, “it’s solved through nurturing relationships.” This approach, Chelsea went on to say, was what she learned her during her Mission trips at OLu. “We were taught that we don’t go on a trip to solve a person’s problem, we go to build relationships and ask what’s needed, and support those needs.”

Chelsea is still very connected to her Lancer roots, joining the 2019 Mission trip to Houston, TX as an alumnus, to help support relief efforts surrounding Hurricane Harvey. She planned to join the Romania Mission trip this year, which was unfortunately canceled due to COVID-19.

In her free time, Chelsea finds every opportunity to travel and spend time with her family and friends.

In response to COVID-19, Chelsea’s organization CityNet is working to mobilize the community resources in order to help meet the needs of the homeless community who do not have a place to go for safety and are living on the streets.

For more information visit: https://www.citynet.org/covid19-response

Alumni Represent at the 27th Annual Golf Classic

Jackie Barnes ’11 takes the shot that lands her the “Closest to the Pin” award

Lancer Alumni from 1979 – 2015 joined Orange Lutheran High School on the green for the 27th Annual Golf Classic on Monday, March 9th at the Yorba Linda Country Club. The beautiful weather was a welcome attendee, which worked in the favor of our Alumni Foursomes. Jackie Barnes ’11 took home the Closest to the Pin award, undoubtedly helping her foursome (that included fellow alumnae Alexis Brown ’12) take home the 2nd place title for the overall Golf Classic!

Blake Hyepock ’08 & Paul Jones ’02

Alumni received complementary hats hats and t-shirts at the event, as a thank you for the continued support for their alma mater.

The Classic sold out nearly 3 weeks before the event! Golfers enjoyed the beautiful grounds of the Yorba Linda Country Club alongside the friendly competition and fellowship among alumni, parents, faculty and friends.

Matt Barnes ’97 and “Rouge One”

The Golf Classic isn’t complete without a Ball Drop! Thanks to Rouge Aviation, and owner Matt Barnes ’97 for piloting the helicopter that dropped almost 600 golf balls, yielding 2 winners this year. Keep an eye out for registration next year – as this event sells out!

Photography by Crystal Worley Photography & Design



Not many people can say that they are literally living their dream, especially in LA and in the film industry, but Kayla Hoff is doing just that. As a freelance Director of Cinematography, the work ebbs and flows, but with a talent that speaks for itself, Hoff is able to balance her workflow and the types of projects and jobs that she accepts. A typical day for Hoff includes a lot of pre-production meetings, location scouting, and wrangling crews. All of which she does with the same tenacity she uses as a female artist navigating through a male-dominated industry.

“I had no idea how male-dominated it was,” Hoff says, after walking into her first film class at Chapman University, “I was only 1 of 3 women in the class.”

She says constant prayer helped reinforce her passion and drive her to continue both her degree and career in film production, with an emphasis on Cinematography. Prayer is also what helped Kayla during her time at Orange Lutheran, and the immediate years following. She navigated through high school thinking that she would end up at an Ivy League school, but after a lot of prayer and support from the staff at OLu, she took a year after graduation to figure out what the right next move was for her instead of jumping to a college or university, not knowing what direction she wanted to go. Hoff learned, “It’s okay not to know!”

She navigated school thinking she was going to be a lawyer, but life during high school was difficult for her. Kayla is thankful for the support and grace she was given by all of the staff and teachers at OLu, including her special connection with her counselor, Lisa Ehret. She couldn’t imagine getting through some of the most challenging years of her life without some just telling her to stop, and just pray. 

Her advice for anyone looking to navigate a career path that is the road less traveled?

“Pray. Always pray about what you want to do! If you can do something just as good, if not better – there’s no reason not to.” 

In her free time, Kayla does a lot of reading and watching movies for inspiration. She still hangs out with fellow 2011 alums Amanda Fuery, Courtney Morrison, Tess Buckley, Leah Miller, Drew Hatch, Skylee Parker and so many more! 

Visit kaylahoff.com to see a sample of Kayla’s work.



With a welcoming Husky Nation reception, Terrence Brown returns back to his coaching roots at the University of Washington as the Assistant Coach, leading UW’s defensive backs. His reputation in Seattle precedes him, with a history of leading a solid defensive line to playoff and bowl appearances from 2015-2017 before leaving UW to coach under Derek Mason at Vanderbilt University.

Most notably, during his time at Vanderbilt, Brown helped develop Joejuan Williams. Williams, who earned 2018 All-SEC recognition from coaches and the Associated Press, and was selected by the New England Patriots in the second round of the 2019 NFL Draft as the 45th overall pick. Brown originally landed his first assistant coaching staff position at UW as a graduate student in 2015. Prior to grad school, Brown’s pivotal role as a cornerback at Stanford resulted in starting all 14 games his senior year, finishing fifth on the team with 65 total tackles as the Cardinals (12-2) won the Pac-12 championship and defeated Wisconsin in the Rose Bowl in 2012. 

Before Terrence’s football presence on a national level, he found his foundation at Orange Lutheran. “I owe a lot of my success to OLu,” says Brown when he thinks about the path that lead him to a career in football. “Being surrounded by people that shared the same beliefs and faith as me really impacted who I am today.” He goes on to say that the family atmosphere helped prepare him for all of the experiences he had at the college level as a player. Feeling accepted and supported by the Lancer community “just felt right” and gave Brown the cornerstone that helped keep him stay focused on what would ultimately be his goal of giving back. “I got into coaching to help young men achieve their dreams at a national football level, by teaching them life skills and traits that will help them beyond their athletic careers.”



Rogue, first and foremost, is Matt Barnes ‘97’s french bulldog. Rogue the dog and his name are the inspiration for the brand and businesses that Barnes founded almost four years ago, Rogue Creative Development and Rogue Aviation. 

The long road that brought Matt to Rouge Creative Development and Rouge Aviation first took him back to his alma mater in 2001 after earning his Bachelor’s Degree. As many will remember, as a student, Barnes was very active on campus including his involvement in student leadership positions and countless plays and musicals. Not surprisingly, Barnes returned as both a teacher and Director of Student Leadership until 2003.

The experience both as an active student in leadership while attending OLu, paired with his experience working in the student leadership position really prompted him to pursue a Masters in Leadership which ultimately exposed him to the power of storytelling. In 2016 Matt opened up Rogue Creative Development, which is a full-service marketing company that focuses on storytelling. They help clients understand who they are, what they want to communicate to their audience while using multiple media platforms to tell that story. Rouge Creative’s  Branding and Design services, websites, social media, cinematography, and photography are the tools the company uses helps tell the story of their clients through. 

Matt decided to learn how to fly helicopters following a curiosity of how helicopters “work.” Fascinated by the way the aircraft can hold a position for periods of time, he started lessons. He became friends with his instructor, and together they decided to start Rogue Aviation shortly after opening the doors to Rouge Creative, providing flight school, aerial cinematography, and helicopter tours across Southern California.

When Matt isn’t running his two businesses, he and wife Stacy are busy with their four children (two sets of twins) McCoy and Violet (2 years old), and Poppy and Wells (1-year-old). Fun fact: You can catch Wells on the hit show, This is Us as baby Jack. Poppy sometimes subs in for her brother too!

Fun fact: For all of you NBC’s The Bachelor fans out there, Barnes’ and his friends host a very lively and fun podcast called Bros Before the Rose. Look for it wherever you listen to your podcasts!

rogueaviation.com | roguecreatives.com | brosbeforerose.com


Photo courtesy of @theyankeefamily


By Dave Cacciapuoti

For the past two seasons, Gerrit Cole ’08 went 35-10 with .268 era over 65 starts with the Houston Astros. The ’08 alum parlayed that success into a record-breaking 9-year $324 million deal with the New York Yankees. 

Cole started his ascent to stardom while at Orange Lutheran. He pitched for the Lancers from 2005-2008 where he was throwing between 97-100 mph his senior season. Cole was selected as the 28th pick in the 2008 MLB Draft out of high school by the New York Yankees but ultimately opted to attend UCLA. Cole spent 3 seasons as a Bruin before entering the draft again. He was selected 1st overall in the 2011 MLB draft by the Pittsburgh Pirates. In January 2019, Cole had his #10 jersey retired by the Orange Lutheran baseball program, the first number ever retired by the team.



Dr. Adam Schulte firmly believes that “God is going to put you where He needs you and will let you know where to move from there.” While driving on a stretch of freeway day one day, Adam heard God’s voice like it was one big chorus hitting the same harmony.  At the time he was working through medical school to be an orthopedic surgeon. Thanks to that moment, Dr. Schulte surprised himself and answered the call to shift his schooling towards family medicine.  With a passion for Crossfit, paired with his knowledge as a physician, Dr. Schulte opened The Drop-In Doc inside of Resolution Crossfit in Yorba Linda, CA.

His practice is the world’s first, full-service physician’s office housed within a gym. The practice follows a Direct Primary Care model which allows patients to pay a low monthly membership and have access to Dr. Schulte 24/7.  The Drop-In Doc has been six years in the making. His efforts to provide actual healthcare, not sickness-care, through dietary and exercise interventions can be attributed to the hard work he learned as an athlete at Orange Lutheran. “I didn’t know how hard I could work till I met Coach Jim Kunau,” says Dr. Schulte, who was the Senior Varsity Football Captain in 1999. “The work ethic in the football program under Coach Kunau paralleled the work I did in both my medical training and fitness interests.” Above all, Dr. Schulte sees himself as a medical advocate within the fitness community. He aims to get patients off of medications, institutes a good nutritional lifestyle and a proper fitness routine.  

Dr. Schulte is board certified in Family Medicine, fellowship-trained in Sports Medicine, board eligible in Aesthetic Medicine, and has received additional training in Regenerative Medicine.

For more information about The Drop-in Doc visit thedropindoc.com



Before Brent Vieselmeyer was the head coach at Santa Margarita High School, he was an assistant defensive and safeties coach with the NFL Raiders. Not long before that Vieselmeyer was the Assistant Football Coach at his Alma Mater, Orange Lutheran High School.  Vieselmeyer played college football for the University of Redlands and Concordia University Wisconsin. Brent will enter his fourth season coaching in the NFL when he joins the Redskins’ assistant defensive backs/nickel coach this year.